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TPO type inward water microfiltration
Price:Non - standard customized
Package: Wooden box
Place of Origin:China
Minimum order quantity:1 Set


Range of application

The device can remove water inside diameter of 0.25 mm over the tiny particles. it most suitable for papermaking, tanning, slaughtering, wine and food, chemical fiber and textile etc sewage treatment field.

Working principle

Ac speed regulating motor through a speed reducer drivereseau cylinder, sewage through the inlet valve into the tank, go by a buffer uniform box clapboard rise to filter the water. Water purification through reseau gap into the bottom of the barrel to the discharging, at the same time cleaning the reseau. Greater than reseau clearance impurities and fiber type of organic matter, by reseau,is blocked by reseau and  another side is reseau of rotating cylinder. Through the unloader discharging Slag hopper, after processing the litter moisture content is lower than the original water equipment 30% ~ 50%. By filtering sewage flow out of the water tank and is discharged through drain.

Features and Advantages


1. The equipment are all made of stainless steel, corrosion resistance, compact structure, cover an area of an area small, easy installation .Can use direct expansion bolt, this equipment can not do groove. Inlet and outlet tubes are available.

2The gate is inverted trapezoidal section, making the slag is not easy to jams mesh filters

3Controlled by control motor, according to the water flow can be to maintain the best working condition. 

4Special flusher device can brush away small amount of impurity on the surface of the paste on reseau, net tube after secondary rinse, can achieve the best effect of qing gate, at the same time set up a flusher, will be attached to mesh the dirt to wash.

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